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heat welding
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Posted: August 19, 2008 2:04 AM

What can you tell me about the process of heat welding linoleum at the seams. Is it easy? What tools will I need, etc.

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Posted: September 8, 2008 3:04 AM

RE: heat welding
Once you get some experience with it, you'll consider it easy, but you also have to stay on your toes. Most flooring wholesale supply stores will rent a heat welding kit that should have everything you need. The process goes like this: once the vinyl is installed and the seams are cut, (follow manufacturer instructions, as some require a slight gap at the seam, while others want it fit tight)use a grooving tool to cut a u-shaped groove down the center of the seam. Manufacturers will specify different depths, but basically you want to cut a nice, even groove that gets well into the vinyl, evenly on each side of the seam, without going all the way through. I like to use a hand groover with a straight edge for most seams, but for large commercial jobs, many installers use power groovers to speed-up the process. Next, sweep all of your trimmings out of the way and make sure nothing is in the way of your extension cord. You are now ready to weld. It helps to use a roller tip when your just learning, but whatever tip you use, maintain an even speed. After the rod cools, skive it once with a skive plate before trimming flush with just the knife. Some manufacturers recommend that you go over the seam one last time with the welder without the tip, "glazing" the weld. Practice grooving and welding on scraps to figure out the best depth and temperature setting for the vinyl you're working with.
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