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Analysis of the advantages of pneumatic diaphragm pump
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The pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machine and is the most novel type of pump in China. Compressed air is used as the power source. For various corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable and highly toxic liquids can be exhausted. The pneumatic diaphragm pump is available in four materials: plastic, aluminum alloy, cast iron, and stainless steel. The diaphragm pump uses nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, fluororubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, and polytetraethylene ethylene according to different liquid media. To meet the needs of different users. It is placed in various special occasions and used to pump media that cannot be pumped by conventional pumps, and has achieved satisfactory results.INDUSTRIAL SINGLE STAGE ...

Due to the above characteristics of the pneumatic diaphragm pump, the diaphragm pump in the world has gradually invaded the market of other pumps since its birth and has occupied some of them. For example, diaphragm pumps in the paint and ceramic industries have taken an absolute dominant position, while in other industries, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, construction, sewage, fine chemicals are expanding their market share, and other pumps are irreplaceable. Status.WATER RING VACUUM PUMP F...

Advantages of pneumatic diaphragm pumps

1. Due to the use of air as the power, the flow rate is automatically adjusted with the change of back pressure, which is suitable for medium and high viscosity fluids. The working point of the centrifugal pump is set on the basis of water. If it is used for a fluid with a slightly higher viscosity, a reducer or a frequency converter is required, and the cost is greatly improved, and the same is true for the gear pump.

2. The pneumatic pump is reliable and low in flammable and explosive environment, such as fuel, gunpowder and explosive. Because: first, it is impossible to generate spark after grounding; second, no heat is generated during work, the machine does not Will overheat; third, the fluid will not overheat because the diaphragm pump has minimal agitation of the fluid.

3. The diaphragm pump is small in size and easy to move. It does not need foundation, and it occupies a very small ground. It is simple and economical to install. Can be used as a mobile material transfer pump.TWO STAGE OIL SEALED ROT...

4. In places with poor construction sites, such as construction site, industrial and mining wastewater discharge, due to the impurities in the sewage and complex components, the pipeline is prone to blockage, so that the load on the electric pump is too high, and the motor is hot and vulnerable. The pneumatic diaphragm pump can pass through the particles and the flow rate is adjustable, and the pipe is automatically stopped to be unobstructed when the pipe is blocked.

5, or in some tests to ensure that no impurities contaminated raw materials.HOT SALE DOUBLE STAGE RO...

6, can be used to transport fluids with relatively unstable chemical properties, such as: photosensitive materials, flocculation liquids, etc. This is because the diaphragm pump has a low shear force and a small physical impact on the material.ENERGY SAVING ROTARY VAN...

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