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Forums Home > Pro Site Help > The basic meaning of fireplace
The basic meaning of fireplace
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shanghai, AR
Posted: September 11, 2018 5:54 AM

Fireplace and masonry heater are open combustion, while the latter have a closed combustion structure with the main purpose of heating. It's a device for building fires inside walls. The fireplace was originally used in Western countries. It has decorative effect and considerable practical value, and it is very popular in northern Europe. And according to the culture of different countries, <2> is divided into: Finnish style, Russian style, American fireplace, British fireplace, French fireplace, Spanish style, so the shape is different. The basic structure of the fireplace includes: mantelpiece and hearth core and flue. Fireplace to play the role of decoration. The mantel core plays a practical role and the flue is used for exhausting. Fireplace rack, according to different material classification: marble fireplace rack, wooden fireplace rack, imitation marble fireplace rack (resin), stacking fireplace rack. The fireplace core is classified as electric fireplace, true fireplace (burning carbon and wood), gas fireplace (natural gas) according to different fuel. The fireplace requires architectural support, and requires chimneys and hearth. The hearth can be cast iron hearth or stack of firebricks. If there is no chimney, it can also be replaced by cast iron pipe, cast iron pipe diameter is not less than 12 cm, internal diameter is not less than 11 cm. In western countries, there are generally flue designs. Therefore, the genuine fireplace is widely used in western countries. The electric fireplace is easy to install and matches with the mantelpiece. After all, the common city houses in China are limited to the housing structure and the central heating is the heating mode. The fireplace is decorated with many ingredients and is of little practical value. <3> True fireplace is mainly used in villas in China, but there are few examples of well-designed and well-constructed fireplaces, which limit the heating value of the fireplace. Some fireplace integrated oven, used to bake bread, pizza or barbecue, do not have a flavor. In recent years, many fireplaces have been installed in domestic decoration, but it is rare to give full play to the efficient heating function of European fireplaces.

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In the west, fireplace is closely related to all kinds of festivals. On Halloween, the most important ritual is to light a fire. Small stones, as many as the people around them, are placed in the fireplace. It is said that if a stone is moved the next morning, the owner will die in the year. On Christmas morning, the first thing the children do is run to the fireplace looking for the presents that Santa Claus brings them. On Friday's Dorset Festival, hanging a toast in the fireplace is believed to guarantee a bumper harvest in the coming year.

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The fireplace is somewhat mysterious because it is connected to the chimney, which is a gateway connecting the outside world and the inside world. When the door of the fireplace is closed in summer, people will be curious to know what is hidden inside, because the door of the fireplace is closed and a convenient storage cell is formed. When many children draw houses, we can be surprised to find that these naive pictures, all the houses are painted with chimneys, and the mysterious area below the chimney is the fireplace, it can be seen in the children's subconscious, fire and fireplace is inherently a close factor.

Wonderful use

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Another wonderful thing is that people sitting next to fireplaces watching the flames change can also predict weather changes, if the flames are pale, or if there are many abnormal sparks or ash clumps, or if there is a sudden drop of coal ash, it indicates rain; if the flames buzz, or if the flue bursts and brings more than usual. Stronger winds herald a storm; if the flames burn harder, frost. The flame became the weather forecaster, and the fireplace became a medium connecting indoor and outdoor.

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In the case of municipal energy supply shortage or sudden stop, the fireplace can also demonstrate its ability to protect family members. The Canadian government's request for five cubic meters of wood to be stored in suburban homes with wood fireplaces is entirely justified in order to enhance the emergency response capacity of residents. From any point of view, the fireplace is an indispensable product for the family.

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In modern times, interior decoration is also widely used in fireplace, design and create a warm and pleasant living environment. Provide real picture for everyone to enjoy and experience the real effect.

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