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Forums Home > Pro Site Help > Vertical Vacuum Tube Furnace
Vertical Vacuum Tube Furnace
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Posted: April 8, 2019 4:14 AM


Vertical vacuum tube furnace generally consists of convection chamber, radiation chamber and chimney. A furnace tube is laid in the convection chamber and the radiation chamber, and a flue baffle is arranged in the chimney. A burner is installed on the bottom, side wall or upper part of the radiation chamber of a high temperature atmosphere furnace. A more advanced heating furnace also has heat recovery system of flue gas and control system of air and fuel ratio. Fuel oil or fuel gas is burned in a tubular furnace, and oil or other medium flows at a high speed in the furnace tube. The function of heating furnace is to create conditions for energy conversion. The heat released from fuel combustion is first transmitted to the outer surface of tubular furnace tube, and then to oil or other media through the metal tube wall of furnace tube. In this way, the oil or other medium is heated to the temperature required in the process, with enough heat to enter the next process equipment, phase change, or pyrolysis reaction and other process, in order to produce petroleum and chemical products.

Vertical vacuum tubular furnaces are of periodic operation type. It can be used for elemental analysis and determination in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutes, and for heating of new materials such as quenching, annealing, tempering and electronic ceramics for general small steel parts. The complete supply range of this series of equipment includes temperature controller, thermocouple, compensation wire, etc. There are two kinds of temperature control: relay control and thyristor control. Because of the intermittent furnace, 40-stage PlD programmable control is generally adopted, which can strictly control the firing process of products.


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