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Forums Home > Pro Site Help > Water Ring Vacuum Pump Application Advantage
Water Ring Vacuum Pump Application Advantage
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Joined: April 2018
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Posted: July 9, 2019 4:38 AM

Water Ring Vacuum Pump Application Advantage

The manufacturer of water-ring vacuum pump introduces the advantages of water-ring vacuum pump. Utilizing the superior ability of water ring vacuum pump, realizing the strength performance of the overall development of the product, exploring the improvement of its quality strength, expanding the application of the product and the embodiment of its superior role, enhancing the development of the productivity of the enterprise with a reliable value level, so as to speed up its product application strength in the process of overall promotion. It fully enhances the continuous development of the practical performance of its products, highlights the pioneering advantages of the use of equipment strength, in order to comprehensively drive the product strength, and enhance the exertion of its quality application strength.

From the view of the performance process of the value strength of water ring vacuum pump, it is necessary to realize the exertion of its overall value ability through efficient product application, to enhance the quality strength of the equipment through the advantage of the equipment application, and to develop its practical value ability from the development of the quality and superior ability of the whole application, so as to fully improve its practical value ability. The exploiting strength of product application effect should be further strengthened to enhance the exploiting advantage of product application ability, and to enhance the overall practicability of equipment by comprehensively driving the quality advantage.

With enterprises looking for more scientific, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, the application of water-ring vacuum pump in ketone production has been deepened.

First of all, the single-stage water-ring vacuum pump has been successfully applied in the production of acetone. Due to the technological progress of equipment manufacturing and the improvement of processing accuracy, the performance of the single-stage water-ring vacuum pump which could not meet the technological requirements before has been greatly improved. In addition, the single-stage water-ring vacuum pump has high efficiency and energy consumption. The advantages of low calorific value, low self-polymerization of vinyl ketone have been gradually valued by vinyl ketone manufacturers.

Secondly, the improvement of circulating medium. German Hurst Company proposed a new method of using diketene as circulating fluid to transport ethylene ketone. By adjusting the ratio of two kinds of diketene liquids in circulating fluid (one containing ethylene ketone and one without ethylene ketone), different quantities of ketone and diketene were obtained. This method is suitable for diketene. However, for acetic anhydride production industry, it is a reasonable and scientific choice to use acetic acid as circulating liquid and adjust the ratio of acetic acid to acetic anhydride to get different amounts of acetic anhydride and acetone gas. But it is necessary to use acetic acid as circulating liquid. The heat released during the production of acetone is derived.

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